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Welcome to Independent Catering Supplies Ltd.

ICS Ltd. has been in business since it's inception in 1973, and over the past 30 years we've diversified from vending machine supplier to include catering equipment supplier and disposable food packaging supplier.
We started life off in a warehouse the size of a shoebox, and with year on year increases in sales we have had to move to larger and larger premises until we moved to Unit G.  In the past few years we've had to expand even further to include Unit H.
In 2004 we joined the Caterbar Group which is a collection of independent catering equipment suppliers across the UK and Ireland.  As a member we gain greater buying power which we can then pass onto you, our valued customer.
In the coming years we look forward to even more sales with the introduction of our online shops at:



ICS Ltd on eBay

So, as you can see, ICS Ltd. is going through some exciting times at the moment, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their loyalty throughout the years.  If you've never dealt with us before, we look forward to hearing from you soon.
We hope to be your first choice of Catering Equipment Supplier for many years to come, and once again invite you to take a look at our online shops.

Independent Catering Supplies Ltd. * Unit G * Trecenydd Business Park
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Catering Equipment Supplier for over 30 years